5 Smart Resolutions for Improved SEO in 2017

Here’s welcoming the New Year with great excitement. This is indeed the best time to make some resolutions that will bring a great  change to your online business  in 2017. Did you accomplish your goals last year? Have you learnt something valuable in SEO? Well, you can actually do various things to improve both your personal and professional life by putting that extra effort required. Let’s consider some smart resolutions that will make this year great, challenging and simply memorable. These SEO New Year resolutions will pave your way for a more successful business.

1. Develop improved mobile experiences

Every year, the trends of mobiles is increasing its peak and so is Google with its new updates. This year, in 2017, Google has come up with another mobile-friendly update. With these new amends coming in, you need to rethink about your website. It is not just enough to own a site which has responsive, and thus, enable mobile user access. You should turn your interactions with the users and customers more intuitive, convenienta dn accessible on mobile phones. The growth of mordernisation is evident of increasing mobile users and so the need to target such audiences should be your first priority.

2. Make your analysations more acute and thorough

There are hundreds of online tools available for you to understand, calculate adn analyse your SEO efforts and strategies. Out of these, most of them are provided for free! So, making an excuse for  not keeping a check on everything, would not save you. You must hold track of whatever you do, starting from the beginning till the end. It is the only effective method to have a close observation of your efforts and its impact on business. From close observation, I mean to ensure that your end resultsa re up-to-date and satisfactory. Only after you have understood your own actions, you can work on the areas you lack expertise.

3. Create more lengthy content

The forever quote, “Content is King” still prevails in the long time results of SEO. Undoubtedly, content marketing is considered among the important aspects of Internet marketing techniques. Nowadays, competition is at peak and readers are getiing more and more choosy for quality content. The times are gone, when short-form contents helped acheiving higher ranking. Today, you need to publish richer, long-forma dn detailed content on your website to target larger potential audience.

4. Include rich snippets

Times are changing and so should you this new year. Although, most of the marketers are aware of the imprtance of posting snippets, they don’t follow this trend. You must include publishing rich snippets on your website for allowing Google to target your information efficiently. This microformatting makes it accessible to Google Knowledge Graph and various content displays in the SERPs. Quality snippets highlight your most relevant information and are becoming more persistent. Take an oath and improve your visibility.

5. Yeild more better quality videos

2016 was a big year for video content and videos, and assumptions say that 2017 will increase its demand. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook introducing “Live video” and the mobile users showing interest in such video content, there is no way it is going to fall down. This means that creating video is not just ebnough, instead you must develop more informative videos of higher quality. Dedicate yourself to lead your competetitors and win the battle of creative SEO.    

It is true that I can’t assure you if these little but effective alterations can boost your website ranking and improve your SEO. However, they will definitely leave a positive impact on your skills and expertise in online marketing.

16 Jan, 2017


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