How link building and organic traffic are important for small businesses

Link building is said to be the most demanding tactics in the world of SEO for both small as well as big businesses. According to Marcus miller, a columnist, link building is still working today and how small businesses get it started. However, the most difficult part of search engine optimization is building authority and links.

According to the experts at SEO agency in Portland, Local SEO, on-page optimization, keyword research are some important strategies to take your small business attain more visibility and greater success. Although link building has its own importance, Google messaging is not only confusing but also unsupportive.

Let’s discuss why links have an impact on search results and summarize link-building strategies. The objective is to enable small businesses create authority and choose search phrases that are necessary.

The importance of link building in 2017

Small Business Link Building Sucess

According to Search Engine Ranking Factors by Moz, the main ranking factors are page-level and domain-level link elements. Both content and keyword are not left behind, but the factors under website owner can easily help in building links in SEO.

Other factors associated with local businesses are Google My Business, NAP consistency, address citations and reviews. These are all categorized under local SEO banner. According to Moz Ranking Factor, links are the second important factor next to on page optimization and are still very difficult to predict.

Recently, Google’s Andrey Lipattsev has revealed that content, quality links and RankBrain are amongst the three factors to improve ranking. Thus, links are very important in 2017 like they were in the year 1998 when Google prototype was launched.

Quality of links, penalties and spam

It is important to focus on the quality and relevancy of links to achieve success for longer time. This ensures real links are generally from authentic websites and returned in search results.

Local SEO

Experts providing SEO services in Portland says, Local SEO is said to be the basis of improved visibility for small businesses. Recently, things are becoming more competitive with local ads and pack. As already mentioned, local SEO provides the base of local business listings in three-pack. It has strong impact on organic listings for local businesses.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is all about the basics of website optimization. If you are running your local business, you need to cover it in local SEO. However, in case of broader area, you need to be sure your page-level and page-level optimization is properly done to obtain effective results.

Google’s SEO guide consists of URLS, site structure, meta descriptions, optimize page titles and navigation. This was earlier published in the year 2008 and it still covers the fundamentals of SEO.

Leverage assets and relationships

Several small businesses require only few authentic links. Starting from web directories to industry-related portals, all you need is to generate quality links to achieve success.

Guide to building links for small businesses

Link building is a suitable way to help small businesses get higher ranking in search engines. The strategy will enable you to expand anchor text consisting of main keywords so that it looks natural and does not affect Google algorithm. Thus, you will be able to build domain authority and organic traffic. The approach will help rank for bigger terms that deliver leads and client enquiries your online business flourishes.

This approach can be repeated, scaled and works as one-off based on producing creative content so that your competitor cannot copy it. This is strategically sound though it is not that easy.

More about link building

The major problem with small businesses strategies for link building is the way how they think. If you change your approach to link building, there is strategic benefit that will keep your competitors behind in the digitalized world.

  • Try to create something that should be linked.

  • Connect with what need to be attached with the other.

We are not creating links and raising your authority artificially. Thus, we are trying to make something that your competitors do not have and earn links that they cannot.

We want authentic links from high-quality sites as they add more value and are more trusted.

Write valuable content based on targeted audience

Value of Content Marketing

This can be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy which will enable you to generate higher business and thus, profit margin. If you can use your marketing tactics in different ways, it will allow you to earn higher revenue.

This type of content is exactly what your targeted audience are looking for. If we consider it from small or local businesses point of view, this can be:

  • SEO guide to small business

  • Small business tutorial for building links

  • Guide to small business keyword research

These are appropriate for the services offered by SEO businesses and include most appropriate keyword.

Here’s the big picture

It is you who will understand how the content should be presented. What are the questions your customer asks you? What are some issues faced by prospective clients? What are your business objectives? Make sure you create engaging content which will grab attention of readers to go through it. Some examples are:

  • Guide to accounting for small business

  • Guide to bookkeeping for small business

  • Tutorial for chartered accounting for small business

  • How to solve the problem of fixing tap leakage

  • How to modify the plug

  • When to see a dentist for sudden tooth pain

Your content should consist of most appropriate keywords to improve ranking in search results. We will enable Google to know what we do by writing relevant content based on the services and generate links with anchor text related to the article. Write good quality articles that the client faces and include services you would like to offer them.

You may want to link another article with the present one. If you’re running a local SEO business in Portland, you need to write content that adds value in the minds of readers. On the other hand, if you provide several services such as SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and PPC, we would like to have quality articles on each of them. Once written, the article has to be posted on your website and we will relate it to linkable asset.

Promote content on other websites

Promote content on other websites

Let us take a look on how to write quality content for good websites and link them to your article with anchor text.

The content posted on other websites should be of high quality. Only then other site owners will link your article which ensures it is natural link and not for SEO benefit only.

The approach will depend on the type of content written. An effective strategy is to:

  • Build linkable asset based on search engine optimization

  • Write small articles on different sections that include – link building, on page optimization, keyword research and much more.

  • Create link to asset from articles with anchor text

  • Branded link to home page in author bio

This is quite easy to perform. We are providing valuable information to the readers and link to resource that expands more on the covered topic.

Effective strategies on link building

The strategies you may use for generating link building opportunities are beyond the range of this article. In case you are trying to create linkable asset for generating links, conduct thorough research on these SEO tactics.

Guest post Approach

  • Guest posting – It is important to search for websites that belong to your specific category. You need to focus more on quality part and consider it to be digital PR creating awareness and trustworthiness. This will help your content rank better on search results.

  • Digital PR – Some tools such as HARO are there to know about different link building strategies. You might not find a link working on your content however, most of them will have branded link. This is worth discovering as this might help in building authority of your website.

Thus, by giving proper attention on digital PR and guest posting, you can find out various opportunities for link building without the help of SEO.

Try to focus on the quality of content and post on authentic websites. Do not compromise your quality over quantity. If the content is of poor quality and the link is for SEO benefit only, you might not end up getting the most effective result. Both PR and guest posts help in improving organic visibility.


Link building is said to be an effective strategy where small businesses are often hit due to SEO. It is advised to:

  • Create something valuable for the targeted audience

  • Title of the content should have keywords

  • Publish blog posts and link them to your content

  • Write anchor text with targeted keywords

Both small and local businesses require good links for boosting their online visibility. As such, linkable assets that should be linked can make link building easy and convenient. This will prevent unnatural links to appear on your website’s homepage.

08 Mar, 2017


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