3 Easy Approaches to Improve the Ranking

SEO has become one of the fundamental factors to receive prominent recognition in the search engine results. But, Google is not something quite easy to be dealt with. Let the New Year 2017 begin knowing what possibilities can make your purpose stand out as the winner amongst your competitors. The strategy is to gain Google’s trust, which is not going to be easy in case you are new in business.

There are going to be many oddities at your end, while your contents yet not discovered remains hidden and receives no external links or shares. Remember, you will have to exploit every possible measure to make most out of the influence of search engine optimization.

Where lays the problem?

The trouble began when people started to understand how Google works to frame less honest tricks in order to get the desired ranking. This careless phase is what exactly infuriated Google and it made sure to tighten things up for relevant quality. The last five years are proof of how Google has turned everything upside down to render search-generated results in the most accurate manner.

The updated algorithms do their job in figuring out frauds, to provide most relevant search results in response to user generated keyword query.

Are there things to be kept in mind?

  • The longer you are with Google, the better it will recognize and trust you. However, it definitely does not signify you owning a domain dormant over a period.
  • Information provided by you to your visitors should be of utmost correctness and worth. The contents should be engaging enough to get shares and links.
  • While you strive to get Google’s acknowledgment, there are other websites, which are this search giant’s trustworthy ones. Receiving links for them will automatically prove your significance.

Once you have some ideas of the do’s and don’ts, next all you have to do is hit the SEO strategies hard with all your dedication.

The Three Fabulous Strategies

1. Use of valuable contents:

Standardize content is what you need to hold the visiting traffic in your website. Anchor your contents to other sites as well, like LinkedIn and Reddit using favored keywords. Posting good quality contents in authority sites with links to your primary domain will naturally pave your way up in the search engine results.

2. Good loading speed of your website:

A slow loading page will undecidedly make a visitor have bad experience and take him or her away from your website. Like it or not, Google is concerned on the user’s all-purpose experience. While a fast-loading page is what you need, for the contrary make use of Google’s Page Speed, Varvy’s Page Speed etc to enhance page loading speed of your website.

3. Focus on mobile searches as well:

Internet users have taken it from desktop to mobiles. Hence, Google is also concerned on the way your site interacts with the visitors in mobile devices. While a site loads perfectly in a desktop, not the same happens in case of smartphones or tablets. Make use of Accelerated Mobile Pages, to make your website more mobile friendly.

As you connect yourself in the social media sites, do not forget to make use of video marketing to make things more appealing to users. Something as simple as a video tutorial can lift you high up from your business opponents.

16 Jan, 2017

Category : ON PAGE SEO

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