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Are you tired of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that are not yet successful to drive mass traffic to your website?  Read on this blog to revel some simple yet effective way of content marketing and SEO tactics to boost your inbound traffic. Now you may seem curious to know what could be the content and SEO strategies to attract traffic to your site. Is that simple enough or do you need expert hands? Let us explore some systematic methods that you or your concerned person should perform to make website relevant one to intended traffic online.

Step1: On-page content:

People often ask, “Is On-page optimisation necessary to rank your webpage? Well, it is true that content act as king here and you can begin your inbound strategies to pull people towards your company website.  Find how to make your page content more engaging with these methods mentioned below-

Content Marketing

Click through Rate

  • Identify the popular search terms and aim to make it unique: Organic traffic mostly gets redirected to the websites with longer search terms and seems beneficial often. Integrate social share plug-ins and promote social sharing whenever possible. Remember to include microdata if you are selling products.  Create natural, engaging content that and rank easily one the theme of the keywords. Make sure that the content is fresh and informative.
  • Improve your CTR on search engines: Improve your click through rate (CTR) of search results by including rich snippets that can highlight your content in fewer words and significantly improve organic traffic volume.
  • Meta tags: Meta tags are the important aspect and serve better result for on-page SEO if content is written and utilised optimally. It will eventually improve the traffic. Meta tags are used to give search engines the information about your page.
  • Title tags: Amongst several tags, title tags are important to show the title of your page on Google’s organic search results and paid ads.  
  • Meta description: Meta description represents what users find on the page. Although, it does not contribute directly into the ranking factor, search engines read Meta description to determine the page’s content and show it to relevant audience.
  • Heading tag: Heading tags represents different sections of the page. It will impact both usability and SEO aspect of website.  
  • Authoritative and optimised content: When Google spiders crawl to your page, they try to match users’ intent. Hence, your content should clearly explain your offerings and related content in blog section.

It counts all the aspect of webpage that improve the ranking in search results. As, Google becomes more sophisticated at times, it influences the On-page optimisation and relevant factors. Always try to give content as having a conversation with your reader, it raise their interest to read further on your company.

Step2: Off-page content:

Changes in Google’s search algorithm are updating lots of SEO techniques and make pathways for Google bots to reach your website. Know how to get organic traffic through off-page SEO.

Create Infographics

  • Create inforgraphics: Create engaging and informative infographics offsite. It would also be better to create Wiki sites relevant to your business niche.
  • Encourage visitors to write their reviews: Prompt your visitors to write reviews on you services or posted blog to increase the awareness. Google is proactive to interpret semantics of offsite content to improve the relevance and value of your website to search queries. It is important to keep track of online reputation and tackle issues as soon as you find it.
  • Work more on video content:  It is well and good to include text-based content but video content is considered as valuable asset in both attracting new visitors and engaging them for long. Video marketing can be considered as excellent way to grab and hold attention of audience, whilst boosting traffic of your website. According to the researches, visual material retains more information than text and this is how video marketing helps your business.

Off-page SEO is as important as On-page SEO and both contributes for the success of the SEO campaign. When you think of link-building, do go for the easy way to find it, rather get the links from hard-to-get places and it would add extra value to it.

Step4: Better execution of webpage:

The days when internet browsing has exclusively done on desktop PCs are gone. People are more inclined to use mobile devices for online searches and if your visitors keep scrolling to access information they want, it will distract them from website. Consult with your hired agency and know how to improve responsiveness. Make sure that your website is accessible and easily viewable across a range of devices (including smartphone, tablet etc.)

Link Building

  • Understand your page visitors and their behaviour: Implement a robust communicating system through third party solutions, Facebook comments, dedicated forum, where your visitors can directly ask you questions.  It will help you to know your customers and your can customise your services or marketing approach accordingly. However, do not forget to manage minimum standards of decorum. Portland SEO services are dedicated to give you top-notch digital marketing effort for your online business.  
  • Fast execution of your site: Are you still fostering your site to open in 30 seconds or more than that? Well, more time your site take, more you develop the chances of getting higher bounce rate. Ensure that your page is technically optimised, i.e., optimised image, functionality of third-party plugins, optimised page structure etc.

Responsive design of your website allows you to stay ahead from the rest. With the increased demand of media-rich mobile apps and interfaces, several implications must be addressed by your Portland SEO agency. Faster your site loads, easier it can be accessed and it will appear relevant on major search engine’s result pages.

Step3: Promote your content:

Content Promotion

How to promote content across owned, earned and paid media is what people ask often. All you need to do is be proactive and use social media channels to increase traffic to your website. Twitter is short of link sharing medium, whereas Google+ promotion show your site to appear in personalised search results and it seems more effective in B2B marketing. Do not forget to utilise email-marketing effort.

  • Stay active on social media: Imagine of having thousands of visitors from Twitter, LinkdIn, Google+ every day. You could also have visitor from guest blog and forum. It can boost your inbound traffic, without spending lot of money. The amazing part of social media is you do not have to be unique and come up with fresh content every time. You can share a blog post to redirect visitors to read the full content in your website.
  • Do not neglect Email Marketing: Do you know why opt-in email marketing is grabbing more interest? This is what makes a good permission reminder. Hence, it is better to learn this technique, if you want a huge amount of visitors to your website. Sending quality content or information to your subscriber can assist you to boost sales in your business 
  • Submit your content to aggregator site:  Become a member of community sites like Reddit but it is advised not to spam such sites by fake offers. Community sites like Reddit are extraordinarily perceptive and able to distinguish between legitimate and spammy links. Although, it is an old method popular from past, it is still being used in a good way to drive traffic to your website. Based on your business niche, find such social bookmarking site to promote your content.

Always remember that content marketing is not just a process of creating a piece of content and expecting for the best. Content marketing starts with content development and involves promotion. Content promotion needs sharing your content with social media audience, through email, specific Google alert, RSS feed for all of your content and so on.

Step4: Link building:

Link Building

Instead of trying to go for other sites to link back to your site, create an interactive content that demands link embedding to dig out more information. Link building is off-page SEO method that builds your external links to your website to gather more rating and reviews to your online business than your competitors have.

  • Have some engaging guest post: Guest blogging is a two-way street, where you and the blogger both will get benefits. Hence, besides posting content for other blogs, invite people in your niche to post blogs or article on your own site. Blogger will get chances of sharing and linking their guest article and that would eventually bring new readers to your site. However, be sure to allow only high quality, original (Plagiarism free) content without spammy links.
  • Encourage readers for forum participation: Thousands of discussion forums are there to drive huge traffic to your website through your active participation. Ability to publish a fresh article and to get thousands of people engaged is the reason why forum posting is important for off page SEO activities. Even, you can participate in open discussion and contribute to it in completely meaningful way.
  • Be watchful to avoid spamming:  Be warned! As soon as you find any unnatural link patterns with guest posting or forum participation, dismiss it! Unethical or filthy habit of blogging may include over use of anchor text, keyword terms and links. Organic or video initiated link is always better and essential part of link building strategy.
  • Article directories: By publishing article directories, you could get link back to your website. Some article directories accept only unique content, whereas other directories accept anything from already published to spin article.
  • Shared content directories:  Some websites give you the opportunity to publish content and allow you to share your links pointing to your website.
  • Go for link exchange schemes: Instead of publishing your content with webmaster and exchange links, you could ask admin of other website to link your website and you could do the same for them.

Before you go for all these strategies, remember that Google has become very intelligent and able to recognise the black hat techniques. With the changes in ranking algorithm like Penguin, Panda and hummingbird, Google has managed to rank and protect their search results from spammers.

Step5: Try to get links from high authority site:  

Getting links from high authority site such as Wikipedia and Dmoz is as important as challenging. Try to submit info of your site in a better approach to get the link submitted by an insider. Marketers often search for how to find authority websites & get links from them. What makes a website authority is quality content, developing data driven infographic that could have link-worthy content. Publish infographic of your posts with lot of data reference. For getting backlink from high authority site, all you need is trust and popularity and authority sites will find the way to link you back.

Step6: Examine your analytics data:

Examine analytics data

Google analytics is a popular resource of data and a conceivable aspect of your site. Being watchful to your analytics data and use this information to promote your services popularity. Pay attention to what are the popular posts and pages. Keep watching your visitors and see how, when and where your site traffic comes from.

It can often be hard to nail down the exact need of data analytics. From marketers’ point of view, it add value in two ways, it shows where you are investing and further opportunities for growth.

Follow your competitor’s site and always stay active to catch-up the recent trend. It is never too late to switch to new strategies if something does not work, just do not give up and incorporate changes it systematic process. If you have ever heard that you can increase your web traffic without marketing, do not go for it. Steps mentioned above would no doubt boost your marketing online. Start with optimisation of your website for various devices and optimise your sales process, so that users do not get distracted or confused whilst searching for services on your website.

09 Feb, 2017

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