How to Increase your Facebook Organic Reach?

Does the falling organic reach affect your Facebook marketing ROI?

Are you looking forward to a better Facebook exposure?

Well, your organic reach has a lot to do with it and these days, achieving good reach on Facebook needs more creative strategies. No worries, we, a reliable agency offering SEO services in Portland, are here with some effective ways to help you get your Facebook posts further.

Facebook Organic Reach

With the ongoing trend of digitalization, things are changing and so should your social media marketing strategies. Organic reach of Facebook is declining since 2012 coming to a range 2% - 6% fall and still continuing. Now, the most surprising part is, larger the Facebook fan base, lower is the organic reach.

Studies report, there are around 60 million of businesses with a Facebook page, out of which only 4 million tend to be active advertisers. A strong reason behind this is many of the businesses are still stuck with the pre-2012 mind set with a hope that greater number of posts will get them good reach. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen now. Keep reading to know how strategic paid efforts and other helpful methods can improve your reach.

1. Get attention and shares with optimized content

Begin with optimizing good content for your Facebook posts to make it your most shareable piece of work. This is the key social media marketing that works greatly for everyone, if done rightly. You content should be engaging and attractive at the same time, so that your readers are compeled to “stop and read”. It must be something that clicks to their mind, “I must share this”.

Did you know the algorithm of Facebook news feed rewards active advertisers with engaging content? Yes, the more shares, comments and reactions you get on your post, the more is your reach. This is applicable for both paid and organic rankings.

Posting entertaining and informative video content can also be helpful. It is a smart stategy to have high-performing posts on your social page. Another way to improve your reach is developing posting strategy. Remember, you must not always go for promotional content, not every content require a call to action.

Blend your posts with educating, entertaining and valuable posts along with some promotional piece of writing. Balance it with a ratio of 5:1 – keep it to one promotional content to every 5 non-promotional ones.

2. Prepare an organic tract prior to promotion of ads and posts

When you go for paid reach, it is better to run the posts for a day at maximum to get an organic traction before posting them. Below are some tips to post a content that draws greater shares and reach:

  • Post live and native videos: Video content are in trend and you can use its views for targeting your custom audience. You can even retarget them with future posts.

  • Blend your posts: Posting a typical kind of content makes your page boring. Try to include different things like slides, images, videos and text.

  • Repost accepted posts: At frequent intervals, keep reposting the content that recieved high acceptance and shares to grab more user attention.

  • Tag related pages in suitable posts: If you find relevancy of your post with the content of another business, you can mention it in your post to appear on their social page as well. You can do this by promoting each other’s branded content.

  • Grab traffic from off-platform pages: Embedding your Facebook posts with your blogs or linking to them through different channels will help you get more reach vis the increased clicks on your page.

  • Target organic custom audience: In case you feel that any of your post is relevant to a particular kind of audience, you can use Facebook’s audience optimization tool to select your target audience.

  • Post using a proven Facebook presence: If you own a large business, it is recommended to apply for a blue check mark verification. This checks the authenticity of your Facebook page giving priority to the search results.

Formulate Organic audience engagement  

3. Formulate audience engagement

Never leave achance to communicate with your audience! When you interact and engage with your visitors, you ultimately increase your chance of getting more views and better organic reach. Make sure you reply to the comments you recieve to ensure the users that you value them.

Appreciate your shared posts by liking them indicating that you acknowledge their interest. Facebook rewards the posts with greater engagement and thus helps you widen your organic reach.

4. Increase your reach through paid promotion

You can’t always promote everything, rather implement some strategies choosing specific ads and posts to pay for improved Facebook marketing ROI. Some posts might concern you to increase user experience and engagement like videos, slides, etc. However, other posts promoted through a link could be for a purpose of driving more traffic.

When you select the posts, choose the way you want to organize your budget. Being a reputed SEO company in Portland Orgeon, we would suggest to widen your budget for ads instead of spending the entire sum on a single post.

For example, if you have a budget of 300 dollars to promote a particular post. Invest the first $100 to create an ad set for promoting the post. You can use video views as your traffic goal in case your post is linked to your website.

The Facebook’s ad algorithms will then begin magnifying your paid and organic content. You should run the post or ad for two days taking a pause there on for a couple of days. Following this, invest the next $100 to create another ad set for the same post repeating the process. Do this again with the left $100.

The effective methods mentioned above will enable you to have higher organic reach of your Facebook posts and ads via paid promotion strategies. Anyways, Facebook algorithm keeps cahnging, so it would be best to work with it as it is for now and stay ready to implement the required changes as per the algorithm shifts.

23 Mar, 2017


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